Before abortions were legalized, it was seldom used as a means of ending an unwanted pregnancy.  Girls from good families went to the family Doctor; poor girls went to the curador or healer;  respectable middle class girls were butchered by incompetent back alley abortions.  Years ago, abortion was handled at home, and unwanted or accidental pregnancies were ended by using herbs such as Rue, pennyroyal or the common household remedy we know as Epsom salts.  Today, abortion has become a controversial issue that we are not concerned with here, but we are concerned with countering the after-affects of abortion regardless of how the abortion was performed.

Any kind of abortion (including ones induced by herbs or folk remedies)  will always effect the Spiritual grounding and it takes time to alleviate the condition.  The effect of an abortion can be countered by taking baths using ONE (1) POUND of BAKING SODA.   TAKE THIS BATH THREE (3) ON THE FIRST DAY.  THEN, TAKE IT ONCE A DAY FOR ONE (1) WEEK.

This Bath Series cannot be started until two weeks after the abortion has taken place.  It is a good series of baths take a miscarriage as well, for it will have a lightening effect on the individual.  At the end of the series take a Basil Herbal Bath.

Baths designed to promote healing do so by cleaning away the cause for the difficulty which exists on the Spiritual Level.  For, this reason, any Spiritual Bath may have some physical benefit attached to it.  Because the cleansing occurs on a Spiritual Level before the Physical results become manifest, it will not be readily apparent that healing is occurring.

People who use Epsom Salts or Herbs as a regular means of birth control– or even those people who use legal abortion as a means of birth control-are misusing the privilege.  A person who has experienced many abortion may need to pursue a series of baths leading to Spiritual Grounding.

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