Yoruba Egungun

You will need to contact Iya Adunni for a Reading with your personal ancestors for a consecrating your Ancestor Shrine and Opa Iku when you are ready for this contact her by email  iyaadunni@gmail.com   This will give you a solid connection and guidelines tailored for your ancestors.

You may by all means set up a special place where you sit before them with a Picture, a glass of water, a Voss of fresh assorted flowers and a white candle and your sincere prayers.  When you have done this you may recite the following.  When you feel ready and comfortable  take the next step. I will be most grateful to assist you.

Always go before Shrine after bathing and with freshly blessed holy water pour libation 3 times on the floor or ground saying:

Omi tu tu

Ona tu tu

Ile tu tu

Tu tu Laroye

Olodumare, Olodumare, mojuba gbogbo iku tiembelese Olodumare ibaye bye tonu

Kinka mase  Iyalorisa Osun Ye Ye

Kinka Mase  Babalosha Adeyemi Oyeilumi

Kinka Mase  Iyannife Osun Monife Belewa

Kinka Mase  Iyanifa Oyafunmike Ogunlano

Kinka Mase  Olotoye Fasina Falade

Kinka Mase Gbogbo Babalorisas

Kinka Mase Gbogbo ati Iyalorisas

Kinka Mase Gbogbo Awore ti oda n’ile Yoruba

Gbogbo awore afose Awore si mi lennu mojoba

Gbogbo eku aro babanla

(begin pounding the floor with Opa  Iku to summon your ancestors)

Mojuba_________________________________________ y baye bye tonu

Mojuba_________________________________________y baye bye tonu

Mojuba _________________________________________y baye bye tonu

Mojuba _________________________________________y bye bye tonu

Emi omo __________(your name)___  ni’ soro ati mo ni    ( you are giving)            

Emi omo __________(your name)___    ni’ soro ati mo ki babanla   or    gbogbo aiku 

Salute your ancestors at this time by prostrating stomach and forehead to the floor and arms at your sides

Rise and Greet

Eku ero   Good Morning

Aru lea    Good Evening

Ask  them to excuse you and begin your own prayers for your self and ask for your own personal situation and for their blessings to your other family members as well.  Ask them to please give you signs to let you know they are working for you.  Ask if they come to you in dreams to please be very clear  so you have no doubt what the message being revealed.

If you have Obi and can Divine open at this time nd ask your questions.  First always ask if your offering is accepted and don’t stop until they are satisfied.  When you are satisfied and your Ancestors are satisfied you may close pounding the Opa Iku reciting:

Ejo aiku cr babanla

Fun mi ire

Fun mi owo

Fun mi Alafia

Fun ni agbon

Fun ni agbara

Fun ni ilera

Fun ni Ifa

Fun ni Ja wa

Ko si ku

Ko si arun

Ko si eyo

Ko si ona

Ko si fitigbi

Ko si wahala

Ko si oselu

Ko si ano

Ko si saji

Ko si alaru

Ko si buruku

Ko si ofun

Ariku baba wa

(touch right hand to the floor and kiss it)